Automatic Attack Detection

Smartwatch users can use “automatic attack detection” on their Journeys. Automatic attack detection is one of Epowar’s key features. It is based on AI-technology that our co-founders have not only developed and tested for years, but that is also patent-pending and unique. This means: No other safety app will be able to offer a similar service. But what exactly does attack detection mean, and how is it automatic?

What is "Automatic Attack Detection"?

How does it work?

AI models

To use attack detection, you must connect your wearable (currently on Apple Watch, coming soon to WearOS) to the Epowar app and give Epowar permission to access health data from your device's motion and heart rate sensors. This allows Epowar to detect when your heart rate and motion show signs of physical and mental distress. Epowar will then automatically alert the friends chosen to track your Journey without you needing to push a single button.

Diverse testing

The AI behind this has been trained with a diverse range of people over more than three years and it is becoming more accurate in discerning attacks with every Epowar Journey our users take.

Abnormalities and False Alarm Prevention

Don’t worry if your heart rate is normally high or irregular – the AI models use a combination of both motion and heart rate to spot only what is abnormal for YOU combined with specific signs of heavy distress in your movement. And, even if Epowar did get it wrong (perhaps if you break into a spontaneously wild dance or wrestle with your umbrella), you can always swipe “I’m OK” on your Watch. Once an attack is detected, your smartwatch will vibrate and show the option to clarify it was a false alarm by swiping “I’m OK” before anyone is alerted. This way you don’t have to worry about accidentally scaring your friends.

What happens if I am attacked?

After an attack is detected

If an attack is detected, or you press the SOS button, your friends will be alerted loudly, even if their phone is on silent or do not disturb! They can call you straight from the app and navigate to your live location. In an emergency, Epowar also records, stores and compiles an evidence pack. Each pack includes microphone recordings, vital signs, and location data. Your anonymised data is safely stored in our cloud and accessible even if your phone is lost or destroyed.

SOS Button

We have also re-imagined the SOS button! Alert your friends when you feel unsafe on a Journey with our SOS button. The SOS button is even accessible from your lock screen, so you don't need to open the app to press it. With the SOS button, you can always take safe Journeys, even if your smartwatch is not charged, or you forget to wear it.

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