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Revolutionising safety

The first safety app that reacts instantly and automatically if you are attacked


How it works

Connect your wearable

Connect your own wearable device to the Epowar app (beta will launch exclusively on Apple Watch)

Add your friends

Invite your friends and family to follow your journeys

Start your journey

Start a journey to feel safe on a walk or run

We've got you

Whenever you start a journey, our innovative, automated safety tracking feature will monitor your real-time activity. If anything goes wrong, Epowar responds instantly and automatically, so you don't have to

Epowar automatically...

Reassures your friends

No more 'text me when you get home'. Whenever you start a journey, Epowar will monitor your real-time activity, keeping your friends up to date for you. If anything goes wrong, we will alert your friends straightaway

Draws attention

If Epowar is certain that an attack is taking place, we will sound a loud alarm from your phone, which can draw outside attention and create a distraction

Stores evidence

Whenever Epowar detects that your safety is compromised, we will automatically store and email you a copy of relevant information, including microphone data, GPS, vital signs and movement

Our technology

We take real-time activity monitoring to the next level with our innovative, automated and extremely accurate safety tracking feature

Physiological and Motion

Epowar identifies fear and physical distress in real time using the data gathered by your smartwatch.

Artificial Intelligence

To do this, we use AI models trained on real data to accurately identify and distinguish between physical and psychological stress. The more data we gather, the more accurate the system becomes.

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