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Revolutionising women's safety

The revolutionary, AI-powered personal safety app. Feel empowered on your Journeys with automatic attack detection, instant emergency alerts and reliable evidence storing.

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Your Journeys, reimagined

You deserve to feel safe on your Journeys. At Epowar, we know exactly how it feels to worry about your safety. Epowar is a women-led app designed to empower users wherever they choose to take up space. We want you to be safe. We want you to have independence. We want to empower you to advocate for yourself. WE'VE GOT YOU!!!

Share your Journeys with friends

You can select friends to share your Journeys with. These friends can see your route, track your live location and will receive a loud instant alert if something happens. They can call you straight from the app and navigate to your live location.

Automatic attack detection

The only app that accurately detects if you're physically attacked. Our patented AI technology can tell if you're distressed based on your heart rate and motion. Just connect your own Apple or Android smartwatch and start a Journey with Epowar.

How does it work?

Our AI models are trained to accurately distinguish incidents of distress from regular activities and exercises, such as walking.

What happens?

If an attack is detected, your smartwatch will vibrate and you have a short window to swipe “I’m OK” on your watch before anyone is alerted.

Easy-access SOS button

We have also re-imagined the SOS button! Alert your friends when you feel unsafe on a Journey with our SOS button. The SOS button is accessible from your lock screen, so you don't even need to open the app to press it.

Instant emergency alerts

If an attack is detected, or you press the SOS button, your friends will be alerted loudly, even if their phone is on silent or do not disturb! They can call you straight from the app and navigate to your live location.

Storing evidence

You deserve to be heard. In an emergency, Epowar records, stores and compiles an evidence pack. Each pack includes microphone recordings, vital signs, and location data. Your anonymised data is safely stored in our cloud and accessible even if your phone is lost or destroyed.

Smart reminders to end your Journey

No more "text me when you get home". When you reach your destination, Epowar sends you a reminder to end your Journey, so your friends instantly know you made it safely!

ARE YOU READY?Empower yourself: start taking safer Journeys today!

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We host fun, in-person events for you to make new friends who care about your safety!

Night walk campaign

At the end of 2023, we ran the "No Thanks, I'll Walk" campaign to reclaim the places women love to walk during daylight hours. By walking together, in a large group, we turned the dark and scary streets into safe, beautiful and welcoming spaces.

Breakup Club:

We're about to host a "Hot Girl Healing Walk". This will be a unique and safe space for broken-hearted girlies(+) to make new friends, share advice and validate each other's emotions while getting some fresh air and a little treat of course.

Want to come to our next event?

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