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We're teaming up with woman+ walking groups across the UK to hold a series of revolutionary night walks...

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London 13.12.23

Liverpool 07.12.23





Bristol 23.11.23


Newcastle21.11.23 (new date!)


Manchester 02.11.23

Campaign partners

Girls Who Walk ManchesterGirls Who Walk South ShieldsGirls Who Walk HullGirls Who Walk BristolGirls Who Walk LiverpoolGirls Who Walk NewcastleGirls Who Walk PortsmouthLancasterDundeeThe Girls That Walk London

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FAQs about the event:

What is the campaign all about?

The idea:

"No Thanks, I'll Walk" is a campaign to reclaim the places women love to walk during daylight hours. By walking together, in a large group, we turn the dark and scary streets into safe, beautiful and welcoming spaces.

The theme:

The theme of the walk is all about celebrating the things we love about the dark: disco balls, neon lights, parties, glitter 🪩 this is because, by being together, we remove the fear, reclaiming the spaces we should be able to enjoy all the time 🌙 (we also encourage the attendees to dress in a way that celebrates this!)

Epowar's role:

The walks are free to attend, and we give all walk attendees a free Epowar+ subscription to get to and from the event safely! Of course (sadly), we can’t always walk everywhere with a big group of girls! But, with the Epowar app, you can share your Journeys with friends who care about your safety, giving you more freedom to do the things you love doing, even when it’s dark!