The latest UK crime statistics and their impact on feelings of safety in public

E-J Roodt
E-J Roodt

Crime in the UK is increasingly negatively affecting how people feel about getting places on foot. More and more people use their vehicles to do everyday errands like going to the shops or the post office. The diminished feeling of freedom is something that causes great concern among women and anyone who feels vulnerable to attacks in public spaces. Some of the statistics have a greater impact on feelings of safety than others. This post will explore which of the latest facts and figures surrounding public attacks and which have the most impact on feelings of safety for pedestrians.

The current state of pedestrian and public safety in the UK

In the last year, statistics of crimes involving knives and acts of violence rose. According to the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW), knife-related crimes rose by 11%, and violent crimes against individuals saw an increase of 21% in the year ending in September 2022 with 2.1 million offences recorded.

The group affected the most by violent crime were women aged between 16 and 34 years old, indicating that this social group is amongst the most vulnerable when it comes to attacks. The current state of affairs with regard to crime in England and Wales shows that extra precautions need to be taken to prevent violent attacks and ensure public safety and women’s safety, more specifically.


Safety measures implemented by local authorities

The UK government implemented its Beating Crime Plan in July 2021, which saw an additional 20,000 police officers distributed across streets with a strong emphasis on eliminating knife and drug-related crimes. Although there are additional investments to combat crimes and to increase public safety, there are also personal devices such as rape alarms, and personal safety alarms, that people can make use of to enhance their own safety.

With more of these personal devices becoming more present on the market, the suggestion that feelings of fear, stress, and anxiety surrounding walking home alone are on the rise. Women, in particular, experience fear of attack during commutes to work, with countless incidences of harassment taking place on a daily basis. Although not all of these cases are reported, there is an overall feeling of discomfort when in public. The use of personal safety and community apps can help with the fear of being in public.

Most common offences committed against pedestrians

In most cases, violent acts against those walking home or pedestrians are brought about through substance fueled actions. This means the perpetrators of attacks on individuals are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. For this reason, the government is also cracking down on drugs and alcohol consumed by perpetrators and taking this into consideration when investigating cases of violent attacks.

Sexual harassment is also a common offence committed against women. For this reason, more women are likely to carry rape alarms and attack alert alarms, which will signal to those in the area that assistance is needed. Some alarms also link to apps, which can alert selected contacts that an attack is taking place. The introduction of these products on the market can help to alleviate feelings of fear surrounding attacks, given that violent crimes are on the rise in the UK.

How safe pedestrians feel in the UK

In a government survey, results revealed that women and people from ethnic minority groups feel the most unsafe in the areas they live. The greatest concern they have are related to crime and antisocial behaviour in their areas. The latest public statistics about the rise in violent crime in England and Wales and the findings about feelings of concern suggest that there is a need for increased precautions in public areas.

Most women will not walk into the dark areas of public spaces alone and will not walk in parks or open areas alone at night. However, new technology can assist those who feel vulnerable feel safe when walking home or alone after dark. Personal alarms and apps that take women’s safety into consideration can help to alleviate these feelings of worry.


Precautions to take for personal safety

One of the key things people can do to take charge of their own safety is to ensure that someone close to them is aware of their location at any one time. There are apps and devices on the market which use GPS tracking. Such devices allow people to share their locations with others and will also help to build a sense of community surrounding crime-related concerns.

Individuals should also practice awareness of their surroundings and refrain from walking alone if they feel unsafe. However, if this is not possible, there are products available that can help you in the event of an attack and possibly save lives.

The future of pedestrian safety in the UK

Technological developments such as the Epowar Smart Safety Tracking app is one such advancement in the personal safety space that is accessible to individuals. 

The app works on smart watches or personal fitness devices, using algorithms to monitor your vitals any time you are walking or running. The app monitors stress and your heart rate and will alert your emergency contacts in the event of an attack, and stores evidence in the cloud, which can be used in police cases and investigations.

With new technology advancements such as these, concerns about personal safety when out in public and violent incidences can be reduced.

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