University Partnership Scheme

Are you Head of Security or Safety at a University or Student Union? Are you looking to help make staff and students feel safe on, around and beyond your campus? Are you seeking technology to support your efforts whilst giving users the power in their hands? Join our University Partnership Scheme, and we'll support you in the mission to empower your students to be safer when travelling to, from and around your campus!

More about us and the Scheme:

How we'll support you:

As a trial run, we are offering our service to the students and staff of our University Partners for FREE for the upcoming winter semester. This includes:

Unlimited Epowar access

Unlimited Epowar access, free of charge, for all your students and staff for an entire semester (a personal Epowar subscription currently costs £2.49/user/month).

Links with your own security team

You'll have the chance to join our pilot scheme to link your campus security team to the Epowar app (meaning campus security will instantly be notified if and where an attack takes place on campus).

Discounted subscription rates

Heavily discounted enterprise subscription rates following the free trial semester.

What sets Epowar apart from 'Safezone' and other safety apps/products?

Check-in apps, personal alarms and safety whistles require manual activation by the student. This makes them great for those situations where students are feeling a little uncomfortable or uneasy, but what happens if they are actually attacked? There is simply no time for them to react. This means students are only able to receive or call for help after an incident has taken place. With Epowar, emergency contacts are alerted instantly, meaning they can receive help straight away.

How does the Epowar app work?

At Epowar, we’re incredibly passionate about student safety. We have spent the past three years building a revolutionary safety app that:

Notifies your Friends when you get home safe

Epowar keeps your Friends up-to-date while you're on a Journey. When you arrive safely at your destination, we’ll let your Friends know, and they will no longer see your live location.

Automatically detects if you're being attacked

During your Journeys, our attack detection algorithms constantly monitor your heart rate and motion 
to make sure you are OK.

Instantly alerts Friends 
in an emergency

If an incident is detected, your Friends receive a Critical alert. They can see your location, send help and request evidence.

Records evidence of an attack in the cloud

Epowar also records and stores valuable evidence in the cloud (time, location, vital signs, audio recordings) if an attack is detected.

Why are we launching this Scheme?

As a female graduate, our CEO and co-founder, E-J, has experienced first-hand the precariousness of commuting in and around university campuses alone. This issue is especially well-known to both female and/or LGTBQ students and their parents and guardians. As part of our #empoweredstudents campaign, we want to support UK universities to empower their students to be safer when travelling to, from and around campus (giving their parents some peace of mind too!).

To help you get going, we'll also provide you with:

Marketing support and materials

You'll be given Epowar marketing materials and a dedicated team member to help you spread the word to students, encouraging them to use the app and improve their safety

Safety lectures for students

During Fresher's Week, we can deliver in-person safety lectures to teach students about campus safety and how to use Epowar effectively

Technical support

Premium 24/7 technical support from our team

Press features

Press features highlighting your dedication to student safety

Interested in joining the Scheme?

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